Dental Ambassadors


“Dental Ambassadors promote morale within the college and show enthusiasm for our school. We believe that we are the key to shaping the College of Dentistry of tomorrow.”

-UF Dental Ambassadors


Dental Ambassadors represent UFCD during the Class Reunions held at President Fuch’s House.

Mission Statement

As Dental Ambassadors, our mission is to provide a link between students and alumni and act as the official student representatives of the University of Florida College of Dentistry.


The major goals of Dental Ambassadors are to:

  • increase interaction between students and alumni through events such as the Florida National Dental Organization (FNDC), Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting, Dental Fall Weekend, Dining with Dentists, and Meet the Dean Receptions
  • increase students’ awareness and recognition for all that the Academy of Alumni and Friends (AAF) provides for the college, and by doing so, encourage students to join the AAF after graduation.

By holding special events, such as the Acid Etch Talent Show, we provide an opportunity for growth of the relationship between the students, faculty, and staff.