Psi Omega

Our goal is to provide the absolute best experience for our members and the community through academic offerings, community outreach, and extracurricular events.

– UF Chapter of Psi Omega

The University of Florida Chapter of Psi Omega continues to make great strides! With more members than ever, we are moving full steam ahead in both academic and extracurricular endeavors.

Psi Omega Traditions

One of the oldest traditions carried out by Psi-O involves our football tailgators! Nothing compares to game day at the University of Florida, and our tailgates are a staple. In fact, last season’s tailgates were attending by over 400 people. With delicious food, great music, and unbeatable people it is no wonder these weekly events have become so popular.

In addition to tailgates, Psi-O hosts socials which allow members to take a break from the stresses of dental school. We will also plan CE courses for upperclassman and other college-wide extracurricular events.

Psi-O is a unique organization and we welcome everyone to become a member!